River Surfing in Munich

Wow, I have fallen quite far behind on writing my updates. Here goes…

When I arrived in Munich, I had no intention of doing anything beyond soaking up the hot German sun. That and drinking a bunch of Bavarian beer. So that is what I did for the next couple of days.

During our time in Munich, Rachael and I went to the English Garden, which in the summer months is full of pretty people sunbathing. We essentially spent two full days in the park, enjoying the sun and the view 🙂

One thing of note in the Garden is the river surfing–which is about as weird as it sounds. Basically, a man-made creek runs through the entire Garden. And through creative engineering there’s also a man-made wave that perpetually breaks across the creek.

We also went to watch the German team play the quarterfinal qualifier game, in  a beer garden of course. Now, we were planning to bike to the beer garden. However, my dear sister hasn’t rode a bike in about 10 years. No big deal, we thought; “it’s just like riding a bike” and all that. Yeah, not so much.
Rae got on the bike and started peddling down the sidewalk, and almost took out a lady with a stroller. She then emphatically stated that she wouldn’t be riding a bike in city traffic. At all.
At the game itself, we drank loads of giant Bavarian beers and amused ourselves by sitting in “the wrong place,” according to the anal retentive German waiters. However, the place was packed and we decided to ignore their annoying rules and watch football instead. I also watched a couple of enterprising Germans break off a tree limb that was blocking their view of the screen.

At some point, Rae and I decided that we were being too lazy and needed to be more cultural (plus the weather turned cloudy), and we went to the Munich Residenz, as well the Nymphenburg Palace on the outskirts. We viewed the “Gallery of Beauties,” which is essentially a series of portraits of the many women that one Bavarian king thought were hot (okay, it also includes his daughter–but many of his mistresses as well).

During all this fun, I drank a bunch of German beer. And went shopping all over downtown Munich. Oh, there was also an epic rainstorm that almost drowned us and the entire city center. Luckily we hid inside a conveniently located Pimkie and bought some cute accessories.

After Munich, it was back to Spain and Barcelona–just in time for the Fiesta de San Joan and Rachael’s birthday!


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