Back to Barcelona: Why do I Always Drink Sangria?

Rachael and I left the moderately sunny Bavaria in favor of Mediterranean Spain. And, of course, we landed in Barcelona in the middle of a heat wave and had to haul our backpacks all over the sweat-inducing metro. I seriously thought I was going to pass out at some point, and basically bee-lined for our hostel (which, unfortunately, was a little outside of the city center).

We went wandering through a million awesome Barcelona neighborhoods, en route to Parc Guell. (On our hike up the sweaty hill, we found an awesome little car).

However, the best part of Barcelona was…the beach! Now, we’d been traveling for several weeks and decided that doing any real touristy thing was massively overrated. (Plus I’ve been to Barcelona and didn’t want to pay to see the Sagrada Familia again). Yeah, basically I’m justifying the fact that I spent 3 days on the beach…

We also experienced one of the worst hostel nights ever. First, imagine someone who snores. Right above your head. And then multiply the loudness of their snores by 10. And then by 100. My iPod didn’t even drown out the snorting, wheezing, ogre-like noises. I seriously was planning on stabbing this girl. In her face.

In other news, my baby sister turned 22 and we celebrated in true Barcelona fashion–by drinking shit-loads of free sangria.
See, the Yellow Nest hostel has an on-going “get the tourists drunk” party, wherein they offer all-you-can-drink sangria before hauling you out into the city (jumping the barrier at the metro, naturally) and abandoning your ass at a couple sketchy bars. But we still had an epic time. And also got rejected by a cab driver for being too drunk. Yeah, that’s right. At 4 a.m. in Barcelona, a taxi driver rejected us. For being too drunk. Cause that’s completely rare in a 4 a.m. fare.

The following day we went out celebrating San Juan, which is an awesome perfect celebration! As in, people set things on fire and set off fireworks all weekend long. Plus we invaded a neighborhood party and scored free cake!

After a long hot night in the hostel, we hopped a train up north to Girona and further Catalan adventures…


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