Medieval Girona

Girona is one of my favorite places in Catalunya. In fact, depending on my mood, I sometimes prefer it to Barcelona. It’s a small city that spans a river and has an extensive medieval quarter. Also, it has some pretty awesome bars in the park–but we’ll get to that later.

We abandoned Barcelona and went to stay with my wonderful friends Raul and Mayita, who generously found room for us in their already-crowded flat. Basically, Raul’s parents and another friend were already staying there. But there was a couch for us, so no worries.
Over the next couple days, Rach and I spent way too much time avoiding the disgustingly HOT sun. However, during the mornings and evenings we managed to explore Girona. Rach spent most of the time with her camera glued in front of her face, taking pictures of “pretty things.”


I mean, there’s the cathedral, the ancient wall, and the still-functioning medieval section of town. That’ s a bunch of things to look at 🙂


(And cause we’re cheap asses, we timed our visit to the cathedral for the free day) Also, fun Girona story…while in the church, Rachael mocked me for nearly face-planting on the marble steps in my shitty German sandals. Two seconds later, she found the exact same step landed, butt-first, on the marble. I think the security guards were laughing at us. A lot. And yeah, I’m immature and giggled through most of the cloister.

We also made it up to Figueres (again for me!) and explored the craziness that is the Dalí Museum (riding the train for free cause we’d “forgot” to buy tickets). Rach was impressed by the crazy and we both enjoyed the shiny shinies in the Jewels section.

Our last night in Girona, we decided to go out with Mayita. Now, a little background on my dear Mayita–she’s from Honduras  and adorable and tiny, with a great partier spirit! So we gathered up some crazy girls and headed out to a series of bars in the city park. Yup, Spain is awesome.
They were basically cantina-style, with outdoor dance floors, pretty decorations, and (in one) way too many teenagers. Luckily we drank mojitos (which are always a good idea) and danced a bunch, starting our own little party. Unfortunately 😦 I didn’t have a camera that night, so dear readers, you must use your imagination…

At the end of our Girona time, I promised to bring Raul Dr. Pepper from the USA and we hopped two trains back to Barcelona and one plane to Santiago. I was going home!



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