I’m Back!!

Living in America is boring so I’ve decided to live in Spain for another year šŸ˜‰

After spending a couple months back in Portland, I hopped a plane back to Santiago de Compostela and my beloved Spanish coffees (and beers, yeah those). For once, the airlines were not a complete fucking disaster. I made it to Madrid on time (or near enough) and didn’t have any real problems with the immigration/passport check. Admittedly the guy did spend longer than usual looking at my passport, but that’s because the page in question has about 4 different stamps from Madrid Barajas Airport that I’ve accumulated over the years. I then proceeded to spend several very boring hours waiting for my Ryanair flight, completely disoriented from the jet lag and not sure whether it was supposed to be morning or night. Of course I couldn’t actually sleep. Because Madrid Airport sucks balls as a place to close your eyes, due to its constant announcements, eye-searing fluorescent lights, and really hard linoleum. About 1 pm (Madrid time) I hopped my final plane and headed home to Santiago, promptly passing the hell out on the plane and being rudely awakened by the bumpy landing.

Now here came the fun part. See my Spanish phone wasn’t working. Because Jeannette is intelligent and forgot that not using it for the entire summer means Yoigo would shut it down (and steal the 5ā‚¬ credit I had on it). And being a zombie in Madrid, I hadn’t thought to find a pay phone (do those still exist?) or mooch a phone off some nice Spanish person. Ergo, I had no way of getting in touch with my roomie. Sounds fun, right? Well, I did have the address of our apartment, just no directions. So…let the adventure begin!

Lucky for me, I chose to get off the shuttle at the Santiago bus station. And there I scored a map and promptly learned that my apartment was a 10 minute walk away. God does love me! So me and my giant falling-apart suitcase went for a walk in the sunny Santiago streets (yet another example of my good luck, no Galician rain). However, there was a slight problem. Namely, when I got to the street in question, I could not, for the life of me, find the address. I walked up and down the street, getting sweaty and pissed off, trying to find the mysterious 7-13B address (yeah, even in Spain that’s a weird address). Some helpful guy on his smoke break offered me his phone to try and call my roomie, but BAD LUCK, Quila didn’t answer. So on I went, looking up at any address and buzzing random strangers’ apartments. And then I had a brilliant idea…

See the street in question was parallel to the mall. And I remembered that there were apartments IN the mall. So I hauled the giant suitcase up the stairs and started to check the numbers on the apartments of the mall. Guess what? They were all weird! Starting with 3-11A and going from there. I was home, sweaty and completely out of it, but home!

It was about 4 pm when I got into my apartment, which means that I’d been traveling for a total of 26 hours. Wow…


One thought on “I’m Back!!

  1. So you’re living in the mall….quite dangerous!!!!!!!!! I almost lived near there (not in the mall tho) last year! And my hostel was right over there a hop skip n a jump away, so I spent lots of time there in the beginning of the year! You can go shopping at Alcampo! I’ll be following your Spanish adventures Jeannette! You should follow my adventures in the US and my next future international travels will be in South America next year!

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