I Want Presents

Seriously, this is my shameless plea for care packages and gifts from the USA.

Let the guilt-tripping begin!

I’m starting my second year abroad. Yeah, 2 years living many thousands of miles away from home. It’s so far away! And I miss my beloved Oregon and all you amazingly lovely people!
I have to live in Spain for the rest of the year….Oh wait, this is not a tactic that’s going to get me sympathy, more likely jealousy and “you suck”s from people.
How about this one: None of you jerks has sent me anything in all the time I’ve been gone. (With the exception of Trystan Rose, because she is awesome) Because I am craving some specific, non-Spain things, I am calling you on your lack of gift-giving 😛

I want:

-REAL peanut butter. If you have to ask what constitutes real peanut butter, this doesn’t apply to you.
-Hot sauce! Really spicy delicious ones, they DON’T exist in Spain
-Dr Pepper. Yup not here either and I have a craving as well as friends’ addictions to enable
-Yumm Sauce. Nuff said
-Pictures of people and cool Oregonian shit.
-My black Adidas tank top (Rachael or Jake, I don’t know where I left it)
-A Kindle (yeah right, I know. Sadly they are more expensive to buy in Europe)

So yeah, prove your love for me with gifts! Send me stuff!

PS: Yeah, I’m not posting my address on a public blog. It should be on Facebook.


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