It Takes (At Least)Five Visits to get a TIE

On Thursday, I made my fifth trip to the Spanish police station. And it was completely efficient and productive!
Yeah, you read that right. Apparently I fell into the Spanish twilight zone.

After waiting A MONTH from my last useless trip to the Extranjeria, I reverted to American methods of problem-solving. Namely, I started annoying the shit out of the bureaucrats. And by “I,” I mean my boss, because it takes him 2 minutes to do what takes me 10. Damn stupid funcionarios…Side rant: If your job description is working with foreigners, you ought to be able to handle talking to people with non-native speaking abilities. Maybe?
Back to the point…My boss called the idiot in question last Wednesday and (after 10 minutes of runaround which culminated in him shouting “We will never be competitive if we continue functioning like this!” plus or minus a few swear words) was informed that yes, I could come in. Finally.

After the clusterf**k of the last two times, I no longer trust Pontevedra’s comiseria. Last year I could get there at 10 or 11 and be fine…Grrr. So I woke up at 630 AM (I should only be awake at this hour if I’m in a club!) and caught the 7:30 train, getting to the comiseria 10 minutes before they opened their doors…And I was the FIRST person there.

I barely got two words out of my mouth when the funcionario interruppted me. “You’re Jeannette, right?”
Oh, apparently my phone calls made an impression.

Twenty minutes later, I’d paid the fees, gotten fingerprinted, and my card would be processed as soon as possible. Yeah…TWENTY MINUTES!  Take note people, this is how bureaucracy needs to function.

The big difference between this time and the last time I’d been there? The employees were actually trained and knew how to do their job. Yeah, who’d have thought that having untrained substitutes handling governmental paperwork was a terrible fucking idea?

So, now I wait for my TIE and hope that I get it before Christmas vacation. Because I’m going traveling and would rather not have to haul all my paperwork around to make sure I don’t get any nasty surprises at border control.


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