Christmas Markets and Mulled Wine: Germany Knows how to do Xmas

Christmas vacation in Europe means 2 weeks of travel time for Jeannette! And because I’m smart that way, I decided to explore the coldest parts of the continent during the middle of winter. Sure, why not?
XmasEastEurope 17

On December 22nd, I hoped a bus to Porto (and actually got through the Portuguese security without setting off their highly calibrated terrorist detector) and flew to my beloved Memmingen airport, where they delay landings whenever a rogue cow has invaded the runway. Okay, perhaps not. But Memmingen, Ryanair’s¨”Munich” airport, is easily an hour’s drive from the city. And the place does smell like cows.

But aside from my cow-related adventures, I also  made it to Munich just in time for the Christmas markets!

Disclaimer: It didn’t snow while I was in Munich

The markets are full of pretty toys, strange German decorations, and, of course, food and booze. Germans have apparently figured out that drinking cold beer in below-freezing temperatures is only popular with about 50% of their resident alcoholics. The rest of the population prefers to drink something that won’t  icily fuse to their hands. And this is where mulled wine comes in! It’s hot and tasty, and sometimes comes with extra shots of booze poured in.

Also, after skipping it last year due to lack of buyable trees in Santiago, I got to decorate a Christmas tree again!

Xmas Tree

Next: How I (attempted) to learn to ski. Cue the ominous music.


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