Skiing in the Austrian Alps

XmasEastEurope 71
I went skiing, for the first time ever!

After Xmas in Munich, where NOTHING was open and the city was a chilly ghost town, we decided to go find entertainment. And someone’s (not mine) idea of entertainment was going skiing.

Note: I’d never gone skiing. My entire experience with snowy winter sports boils down to one day 6 years ago when I failed miserably at snowboarding, i.e. I spent the entire day on my butt.
Needless to say, I was a little bit apprehensive.

XmasEastEurope 77

And yeah, of course, I fell on my ass. But surprisingly, not so often on Day 1.

We went to a little ski town in the mountains of southern Austrian. The town, Sillian, is less than 10 miles from the Italian border.
XmasEastEurope 17

The town wasn’t especially snowy, but the mountain was less than 10 minutes from our quaint little Bavarian-style hotel.
XmasEastEurope 04

I started my skiing adventures with lessons, mainly in order to avoid repeating my failing-on-ass adventures of last time. The helpful receptionist calmed my fears and quickly assured me that all the instructors spoke English.

Yeah, sure. Except for old Austrian Matt, who didn’t speak a single word of English. Which strangely enough, worked out okay. Aside from the one moment where he was yelling something mysterious at me while I slid down part of the mountain. But forthe most part, it was pretty awesome. 

And quite effective. On day 2 I started going down the actual slopes. Yeah it was terrifying. Every time I came across an icy patch or a steep section I slowed to a crawl, sometimes falling over in the process (though never on my ass. Apparently it’s pretty hard to fall backwards while in skis). And my legs were aching at the end of every run. But still, it was super fun.

XmasEastEurope 81

In the end, I made a run from the top of the mountain all the way down to the central station. Which is probably about 1/3 of the entire mountain, but still makes me badass!


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