In Spain, you have Coffee for Breakfast

And nothing else. Yeah, this is my normal Spanish breakfast.

Spanish coffee...

Mom, you can’t kill me when I’m 5,000 miles away!

To everyone who ISN’T related to me, my mom doesn’t exactly appreciate it when I skip meals. I have been smacked and called “Bad Child,” many times over the years. Usually right after I admit to surviving on coffee and more coffee…
Yeah, 5,000 miles isn’t far enough. I’m still tensing up in preparation for a smack upside the head 🙂

Now I’m going to justify myself. Basically, I’m lazy. My 2012-2013 schedule is much earlier than last year’s. I am literally awake at 7 a.m. 4 days a week. Which is a disgusting hour to be awake.
Despite the early-morning barista jobs I’ve held over the years, I don’t think I’ll ever be a morning person. I regularly hit my snooze button until the last possible minute. Sometimes to the point where I’m throwing on clothes, grabbing my purse, and sprinting down the stairs to meet my rides on time. But really, what normally happens is that I drink coffee to wake up (never thought I’d get THAT addicted) and I get ready for the day, but don’t eat. Because eating right after I wake up makes me nauseous.

Of course, this would all be fixed if I could actually get up when my alarm goes off! So, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to wake up on-time everyday and stop skipping breakfast…
Plus, I can always buy food at work or in the village. So it’s not like I’m starving, Mom.


One thought on “In Spain, you have Coffee for Breakfast

  1. […] 1. “Tomando algo” The phrase “tomar algo” roughly translates to “get a drink,” but with the implication that “drink” could be either alcoholic or coffee-based. (Because most Spanish cafés have full bars). And you do it with everyone, all the time! I really, really missing grabbing coffees/beers/some combination of the two, with literally every person I had a passing acquaintance with. I got drinkies with friends of friends, landladies, new coworkers, potential clients, and random weirdos I met on the bus. And then I drank SOO MUCH coffee with my friends But even more than the openness to hanging out with random people, I miss the delicious little cafés con leche themselves: shot glass-sized cups of espresso with a little foamy milk on top and a packet of sugar on the side. Why yes, I did drink 3-5 per day… […]

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