Funny Quotes from Jeannette’s Students

Why do I like teaching ESL in Spain? Because this happens:

“The underpants are good because give you security in your mini-balls.”
–an 11 year old boy, who promptly laughed hysterically for 5 minutes at his own wit.

Or this exchange:

“Ramon, do you have a cookie?”

“No! I ate it!
It’s waiting… In my bum!
It’s going in the toilet!”
–a 7 year old who then starts dancing around the kitchen.

Or this happens:

“Alex is very very high!”
–and I don’t say a word because I don’t want to teach a pair of 11 year old boys the other meaning of “high.”

And this happens all the time:

“Teacher, how do you say whiskey?”


“Do you like whiskey?”
–From 13 year olds, nuff said.

Anyone have any equally ridiculous student quotes? The more inappropriate or immature, the better.


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