Island Paradise in Galicia: Las Islas Cíes

Last week, the weather took pity on all the soggy Gallegos and we had a couple days of sun and heat! Shocking, no? Well, my friends and I took full advantage and headed out to the Islas Cíes, a pair of wonderfully gorgeous islands off the coast of southern Galicia. These islands have one of the best beaches in the world, no joke!


To get to the Islands, you have to take a ferry from Vigo. It’s 16€ round trip (no, you can’t just buy one-way 😉 and you can buy the tickets online.
To add to the general awesomeness of your Island trip, there is a campground. Yeah, you can sleep on the island and watch the sun rise over the top-rated beach! Which we did, by the way. If you’re a lazy ex-pat with few belongings, like me, there are also tents you can rent, though it’s a little more expensive.  I recommend getting three of your closest buddies together to share the biggest tent.

So, back to the adventure: after some unnecessary stress about making our boat on time,  we piled onto the ferry and started singing the obligatory “I’m On A Boat” verses. We made friends with the capí, captain, and were suitably impressed by his uber-balance on the rocking deck.


While on the island itself, we lounged at the bar and drank Coronas and tequila–because beach! Tessa made friends with some hippies, who promptly invited us to their house/camp/squat/cave/God, I don’t actually want to know where they live… Apparently it was marked with a pirate flag.


I decided to jump into the chilly ocean, because I could, and everyone else laughed at my desire to freeze. But then we watched the sun set into the ocean.


That night, we crashed in our lovely tent. I kept mysteriously waking up in the middle of the night, due to Alyssa shoving me back onto my side of the bed. However, I did get up first and got to take a walk along the beach by myself…It was completely deserted at 10 a.m. because the boats hadn’t arrived yet.

Once the rest of the crew got out of tent, we caffeinated and headed up the hill to see the Cíes lighthouse. After several lizard attacks and many sweet visions of old Spanish ladies in their bikinis, we got to the top and enjoyed the awesomeness, plus bocadillos.


The rest of the afternoon was spent on the beach, lounging in typical Jeannette fashion.


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