Leaving Santiago…Again!

So it’s summer again, the time when Jeannette throws half her belongings into the dumpster, packs up her increasingly shabby suitcase, and flies off to a different country. However, unlike last year, I’m not coming back to my beloved Santiago in the fall. Therefore, the last couple of weeks were filled with the requisite tearful farewells.
I had to say bye to all my students–hyper little terrors all of them, but still I will miss them, as well as my awesome coworkers at IES Marco do Camballon.
It was especially sad to leave all my amazing Galician friends. You guys are fantastic and I’m definitely coming back to Santiago to see you again!

So what now?
Well I’m currently playing in Munich, because living in America is boring! If all goes according to plan, I’ll find a job within the next couple of weeks and then devote some serious study time to the German language. (Yeah right now I’m utterly failing at communicating in German).


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