What I’m doing now…

Awww damn it! It’s been forever since I updated.

Okay, so for those of you who’ve noticed the changes around the Purple Backpack–that’s because I moved to Germany! Yup, Jeannette’s Euro-Adventure hasn’t ended yet.

To recap, on July 13th I left Santiago with my giant black suitcase of doom (found in a Eugene dumpster in 2011) and my neon green backpack–all my possessions in the entire world! After hopping through Portugal, I flew off to Munich!

For the past month, I’ve been job-hunting and fighting with the German immigration authorities. (Whole different post on that). I currently have a job at a summer camp this August, as well as a apartment for the rest of the summer!
However, my German is still sucking miserably and I have yet to actually get my work permit–despite numerous trips to the KVR (Germany’s version of the courthouse, but with the customer service and efficiency of an American DMV).

Still, because this is me, I haven’t been entirely responsible for the past month. Some highlights:
-A headphone dance party. This is Germany’s solution to noise regulations. Instead of filling the square with loud, drunk dancers and booming music, they fill the square with loud, drunk dancers wearing headphones. The music comes directly through the headphones, so you can dance and sing along to music only you can hear. Needless to say, I had a blast and made a total jackass of myself!

-A rafting trip with a large crew of Germans and Hungarians. And what rafting trip would be complete without half the raft being drunk off their asses? Well some of these guys took that to a whole new level. As in, the 8 shots and 4 Liters of beers, Level 80 of drunkenness.
And then, in keeping with the rafting tradition of yelling dumb things to the people on the riverbank, said drunks proceeded to offend everyone within a 10 mile radius. One guy considered it his duty to, um, “compliment” all the women who we passed by. I nearly fell out of the boat laughing, and in the process learned how to say “show me your titties” in German, as well as more…colorful…language.
We managed to make it out of the river without being murdered, and ended the day with, surprise,  more beer!
Oh yeah, and one drunk Polish guy attempting to break the security camera on the train. And when that failed, he mooned it, to the “delight” of everyone onboard.

-A beer party that started at 6 AM! Yeah, that’s right. It’s a traditional Bavarian event in one of the city’s Bier Gartens. People show up in their traditional clothes, drink beers, eat sausages, drink coffee, and dance to folk music. I spent the whole time people-watching, yawning into my (tasty) beers, and had a great conversation with an awesome Hungarian dude!

So, that’s the highlights of what I’ve been up to so far. Hopefully, now that life is settling down I can update more frequently. Because, yes I do have many more stories, Mwahahahaha! 


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