Why I’m Leaving Europe

Okay, I guess when I make public announcements about sudden life changes I should expect a chorus of questions. So, all you nosy people, here goes.

For the past two years (September 2011-June 2013) I’ve lived in Northern Spain. I taught English at a public high school, learned Spanish, made all sorts of fantastic friends, saw a huge chunk of Europe, and drank far too much Spanish beer–I mean coffee–I mean…well actually I drank too much of both.

Yeah, my life was so hard
Yeah, my life was so hard

As my Spanish contract was winding down, I considered that most annoying question: What will I do now? I wasn’t going to renew my contract in Spain (for a variety of reasons, that I’ll get to in a later post) so the world was wide open to me! Literally, it was. I was looking at jobs in Asia, Europe, and South America.
However, I ended up choosing Germany for my next adventure.

Why Germany?
Number one reason: personal reasons, which is code for “a guy.” Yeah, I, Jeannette, queen of cynicism, did that.
My thought process went like this: long-distance relationships suck and are annoying. I’m finishing up in Spain, so why not make this jump? However, I did do some research and came up with more reasons to give Germany a shot.

Number two reason: the German economy doesn’t suck as hard as the Spanish. In fact, it’s doing okay. There are jobs and economic growth. And Munich, the specific German place that I chose, is one of the richest places in Germany.
More to the point, I did my research and found that there is a good market for English teachers in Germany. True, it is different than the Spanish–more business people wanting to prepare for negotiations than adults wanting to pass their B2 levels. Though I’m starting to think the rich parents with kids “who have to learn English, NOW” are a universal fixture.

Number three: Germany has a convenient little agreement with America. Due to mutual bureaucratic ass-kissing, American citizens can hop over to Germany on a 90-day tourist visa and THEN decide we want to get a job/study/whatever–AND it’s possible to get the necessary papers without leaving Germany! For those of you who don’t do a lot of international traveling: this is a Huge F**king Deal.

But WHY am I Leaving?

Oh yeah, right, the actual subject of this post. It’s pretty simple:

I’m leaving because I’ve been sad and moody for the past 6-8 weeks and I don’t like feeling that way.

Shockingly, moving to a city where I didn’t have a stable job, wasn’t studying, and couldn’t speak the language turned out to be quite difficult. I’ve met some great Münchners throughout this chaos, but it’s been rough.
I don’t have money to take an intensive German course and studying a language on my own doesn’t really get me many results. Especially when I’m at a level where I can’t even hold a conversation. Which in and of itself is harsh–people who know me in real life should know how hard not being able to TALK is for Jeannette 😀

Ironically, I just managed to get a work permit from the annoying German government. However, the possibility of finding some freelance jobs just isn’t enough to keep me here anymore.
I’m out! At least for a while…

And Now?
For the time being, I’m heading back to Oregon. I need to see my people and recharge for a bit before I do anymore adventuring. I’m eyeballing some grad programs as well as some cool experiences that may or may not be American-based. So? We’ll see. Don’t count me out just yet.

The truth is, I love re-starting my life in foreign countries. It’s never easy: imagine all the difficulties of making new friends, starting over with EVERY connection you have, and compound that with language and cultural barriers. Even when it’s f**king frustrating and motivation-killing, I still love my backpacking adventures.

I’ll definitely continue updating here. I have many adventures to describe (because I’m lazy) and I will continue to share my dubious traveler wisdom with all.




5 thoughts on “Why I’m Leaving Europe

  1. I’m in the same boat as my studies in England are ending in about a month. I applaud you for knowing you need to reboot in Oregon and then think through the next step. I’ll be right there with you in a few months. I’ll be sad to know I have one less friend in Europe (although we never had the chance to meet up) and I leave soon too. Good luck with the next step.

  2. Keep up dating even if you’re in the states! Love everyone here on this blog. Really inspirational, hope I can do something with this with my life. Last time I check in Spain sounded nice. GOOD LUCK!

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