Fairy Tales in Marburg

This post is dedicated to the amazing and gorgeous Anne-Sophie, who let me crash on her floor and showed me around her city–Bicos Guapa! Also, all of the fantastic photos are her doing.
A couple of weeks ago, I got my ass out of Munich and went north. First to Frankfurt, where I met Anne-Sophie. We wandered the city for a while and enjoyed the colorful, gritty mess that is Frankfurt. We also devoured yummy pasta.
However, the plan included other adventures. And so we ran off to the mountain-surrounded college town that is Marburg. Now, Marburg has several very cool features: its fairy tale homages, the twisty church tower, and the fact that the Marburg Theology building looks like Hogwarts!
You think I’m exaggerating, or letting my Harry Potter obsession cloud my judgement? Well I’ll let the pictures do the talking then:

Seriously, this place is freaking awesome! We invaded and proceeded to snap pictures of every cool-looking bookshelf and gargoyle. I drooled over some ancient books, even though they were written in a language I don’t read and about a subject I don’t study. (Nerd test: passed with flying colors!)
Speaking of Literature nerd moments: what is this a picture of? Hint: it’s a fairy tale.

For some awesome reason, Marburg has many sculptures of fairy tales come to life. In fact, they are pretty much everywhere. The above flies were my personal favorite (because putting giant flies above a plaza full of restaurants is hilarious). I also found the 7 Dwarves and a very friendly warthog (not sure which story he’s from–there are several possibilities).

While distracted by lovely Marburg buildings and fairy tale cats (real ones, not sculptures) I managed to trip and fall…right on my long-suffering camera!
Sadly, it has not recovered. The poor thing survived a bath in Belgium beer and the  Flour-Mud-Ants fiasco at Entroido in Laza. But smashing it into cobblestones was too much and it gave up,  making loud whirling noises to express its displeasure. Now I need a new camera, boo!


Okay, away from Jeannette’s whining and back to Marburg. Check out the crooked tower! Yeah, for some reason Marburg architects can create a gorgeous, Hogwarts-esque castle, but can’t build a tower straight.

After we finished city-exploring, Anne-Sophie and I went to a Spanish restaurant for dinner. Of course Spanish, because we both still pine for Galicia and our beloved Santiago. So we simply had to eat patatas bravas and pimientos de Padrón (though the peppers did leave a lot to be desired, sadly). I really don’t want to know what that southern cook would have done to pulpo had we dared to order it…
The rest of the night was very relaxed. Though only because all the students had left Marburg and there were no parties to invade–NOT because we had no inclination to raise hell! We found some beers, played with candles, and declined an invitation to a pajama party with some friendly students.

The next morning, it was roasting hot and gorgeous. So naturally we decided to hang out by the river and eat ice cream!


We met a lovely heron who was hunting for his lunch and Anne-Sophie had him pose for some pictures.

And then it was “walk really quickly to the train station because it’s far away.” My face was sweaty and gross the whole way 😛 and naturally the train came 15 minutes later than we’d thought so there’d been no need to rush after all. So I said goodbye properly (with hugs and promises to meet up again, in Munich or Frankfurt or South America).
(Funny how my train is bright red, just like the Hogwarts Express)

Photos by Anne-Sophie Wünsche.


3 thoughts on “Fairy Tales in Marburg

  1. 😀 Lovely! Don’t know what to say but that it was an awesome time and that we’ll meet again one day! They are looking for people to worki there in La siesta. I actually thaught about it…finally the pimientos would taste delicious!! 😉

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