Update! Now with Less Hair!

So, I’ve been in Portland for close to a year now–GOD, who would have thought I’d stick around this long? And here’s where I’m at:

South Korea
I’m applying for teaching jobs in South Korea. I need to get abroad again, teach again, and have a bigger adventure than last time! Ergo, I need to go work and live in a continent I’ve never set foot on, where I’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Also, I don’t speak a single, damned word of Korean.
Sound like fun!

Graduate School
I got into a Master’s program in Portland. But, I decided to defer so that I could travel and work some more, and also give myself some time to think if going back to school is what I REALLY want. We shall see.

American Job
I still love my job here, but I might be getting laid off. Well basically–being cut back to 15 hours/week is essentially a lay-off. It’s been a really good kick in the ass, getting me out of my complacency and reminding me that I do want to adventure some more.
I’m not too freaked out. Honestly, I’m Jeannette and I’m awesome. I can survive anything and make rent somehow while I job hunt.
I’m less than thrilled about having to simultaneously job hunt and go through the circus of getting a visa for Korea, but well that’s life.

My Hair
I cut my hair off! It’s the shortest I’ve ever had it and I love it. However, I do need to grow it back out by this winter, as I sincerely doubt Korean hair stylists have a freaking clue how to cut curly hair.
I have included a picture of me and my hair, my sister and my mom at the Country Fair!

My family at Oregon Country Fair
My family at Oregon Country Fair

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