My Korean Apartment

Home Sweet Home

I’ve been in my Korean apartment for about 3 weeks. Still don’t have wifi, or a Korean cell phone. But I figure I should show off my pretty house.
My apartment building!
I got to Busan on February 27th and saw my apartment that day. Yes, I did do a happy dance–no more dorm room! Okay, it wasn’t a beachfront penthouse with a giant patio (come on, I’m not THAT valuable to Korean government) But all that I’d been really hoping for was a couch and a non-twin-sized bad. And I got it!

Main Room
I live in a studio-ish space, which means I have one room that acts a my bedroom/ study/ dining/ living room! But it’s actually decent sized–so I have plenty of space to clutter with my random Jeannette junk! My bed is a double and hard as a futon filled with rocks–in fact I’m pretty sure Koreans use roofing tiles as mattress filler. However my natural laziness is at war with my desire to have a comfy bed. I’m much more likely to get used to it than actually bother to go out and buy a mattress cover.

I managed to figure out the damned furnace with minimal chaos, explosions or Jeannette rage. Apparently two years of fighting sketchy Spanish appliances is a translatable skill. For future reference, Korean heating is in the floor, but the controller is going to be hidden in your closet. And if you keep punching buttons, you’ll eventually figure out what the Korean words mean.

Observe and marvel at my bathroom–and no, I didn’t take the shower curtain down.


Korean bathrooms don’t have tubs. Or shower curtains. The entire room is your shower stall, and it’s tiled so why worry?  I approve of the efficiency, but I’m slightly concerned about accidentally soggy-ifying my toilet paper. The previous tennant left a pair of bathroom slippers, which is apparently a thing. However this ain’t freshman year and I’m not especially worried about contracting Toe Syphilis from the shower if I venture in unprotected. More worried about slipping in a puddle some morning… Though I do use them to keep from freezing my feet off in the cold mornings.

Anyone remember my Spanish kitchens? The ones that I compared to closets and whined about? Yeah, if they were closets, I’m currently cooking in a cupboard!
Note: the camera didn’t cut off anything but the refridgerator. My kitchen is itty bitty with absolutely zero storage space. I also spent 20 minutes cursing the gas stove til I realized that the gas line was turn off–Yes I am stupid….

My washing machine is right under the stove because tiny apartment. I punch random buttons to get it to work. No dryer because Americans are energy hogs–use the floor! Really, apparently people lay their clothes on the floor–because that’s where the radiator is. I’m not sure about this, because then I have to keep my floor really clean. I might have to go find a drying rack…

Plus random stuff!

1. I have no key, just a combination lock for my door. Not sure how I feel about it, but that’s one less thing for me to forget! Which is nice seeing as I have neither roommates nor a bathroom window that I can crawl through over here.

2. Trash is super sorted over here and I can’t quite figure out where I’m supposed to put everything

More updates to follow!


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