My Summer Vacation, Backpacking Korea in 100°F

Okay, I’m BACK, FOOLS! You know you missed my pretty face and my sparkling wit!

I decided to spend my summer vacation in South Korea. Unlike my fellow ex-pats, I did not buy a plane ticket to Thailand or Indonesia or <insert freaking awesome South Asian location>. This was obviously due to my profound desire to explore my adopted country and gain a deeper understanding of Korea. And had nothing to do with me being too cheap to pay for a plane ticket and too lazy to bother planning my vacation until the last possible minute…I SWEAR!

Also, I do want to mention the insane Korean weather during my Korea Roadtrip 2015: Because as luck would have it, I was traveling during the hottest time of the year! Literally 90-100°F every day! Which is wonderful when you’re lounging on a beach, but it’s also sweaty as hell. Equals super gross when you’re Jeannette and have a small backpack with all your clothes for the entire 8 days…
That’s also why I’m wearing the same hat in all my selfies. Hides my sweaty hair.

I backpacked up the eastern coast from Busan and traveled until I ran out of time. Since I’m an EPIK teacher in Korea, I get 8 days of summer vacation, which is plenty of time to see a few amazing Korean locations. I managed to make the following trip: Busan > Gyeongju > Pohang > Ulleung Island > Busan.
I’ll be posting detailed stories of my adventures in those places, but today (I’m lazy) you just get a tease!



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