How to ACTUALLY Find the Busan Immigration Office

Welcome to Busan, South Korea. Oh, you want to live and work here? Fantastic, please direct yourself to the Busan Immigration Office to apply for your Alien Registration Card (ARC).
To ensure you deserve to live in this wonderful city, the Korean government has made their immigration office a royal Pain In The Ass to find. After 2 consecutive years of getting lost on my way to immigration, I’ve decided to post directions to the ACTUAL Busan Immigration Office. Because, the directions available online are all WRONG!

How to get to Busan Immigration
1. Take the Busan Metro orange line to Jungang station.
2. Take exit 14 .
Ignore any and all other signs trying to point you to a different freaking exit. The above sign is TINY and hidden in some random-ass corner of the subway platform. Just go to Exit 14–trust me.

3. Walk straight forward from the exit for about TEN minutes.
You’ll pass a KEB and Busan Bank on the way. (optional: hit up one of the banks’ ATMs, you’ll need about 60,000 won and they’re less likely to nail you with fees!)

4. The office will be on your right. It has a tiny, tiny sign in English. But the building looks like this:
Now, how the hell a foreigner who doesn’t read Korean is supposed to get “Immigration” from this sign, I don’t freaking know.

5. Success! You did it! Now, for the “fun” of dealing with immigration bureaucracy. At least they’re better than Spain

The Wrong Directions (included for your amusement)
According to multiple “official” sources, this is how you get to Immigration. DON’T DO THIS!
Take the metro to Jungang on the orange line (Line 1).

Yes, good. This is actually correct.
Take Exit 10.
No! Do NOT do this. You’ll end up on the wrong side of a crowded Korean intersection with no crosswalk.
Walk straight from exit 10 until you reach the immigration building next to the port.
NO NO NO NO! This is wrong! The damned building next to the port is NOT the right office. If you follow these directions, you’ll find a fishy-smelling sketchy building staffed by two very nice Korean boys. They will giggle and give you a map to the right building. Because, I swear, their job is to redirect people to the correct building.

Dear Korean immigration: UPDATE YOUR DAMN WEBSITE!!



4 thoughts on “How to ACTUALLY Find the Busan Immigration Office

  1. Exactly my story. I have gone to that Busan Immigration office twice and those times I got lost.
    The second time, I met a group of Chinese students at that Jungang exit 10 and there we were walking to and fro some busy street till we met some ladies who directed us to the right building.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this. I’m going there tomorrow and I’m glad I won’t miss my way this time.

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