Last Week Recap

For those of you who care, I have decided to finish up my story of the Spanish Adventure.

So finals week in Oviedo, it rocked. Basically I was done by Wednesday. In the interesting way of things, I rocked my Translation final–got a 9!!! Hells yes, I thought I was going to get a 7, that was how my grade had been going into the final. I guess those afternoons studying in KIN with Miguel and Ariel paid off. I’ll miss you Rodrigo, though apparently everyone feels the same way, as they continuously imitated your accent for the NEXT WEEK, ugh. Vocab studying was great. I love sitting in KIN and mocking Mike for an hour, under the pretext of studying medical vocab. Curses, cause of course Lorena used the term that Socha mentioned, and I promptly forgot.

After finals, we had to celebrate, which took the form of staying out till 6:30 am on Thursday night/Friday morning. Hung in Asturiano drinking Calimochos, many Calimochos. They kicked us out about 4-5, and we hung under the giant Paraguas, porque estaba lluviendo, as always. About 6ish, we decided to attempt a food run to Micky Ds, only to fail as nothing is open at “reasonable” hours (aka hours convienent for lazy Americans) in Spain. Hiked home, under my umbrella, and felt sorry for the umbrella-less drowned rats.

Friday night was my LAST night in Oviedo, so I had to go out, even though I had a morning train (it was at 11, no big). We all hung in Mater for one last night of sidra, so sad. I tried to sneak off with a glass as a momento, but when I had to chase Lindsay down outside, and promptly slipped and slid 10 feet down Gascona, the glass kinda shattered all over my purse. Sigh… Met up with loads of people later, though many weenies were going home early. Something lame about having to catch the bus at 6 a.m. I liked Chris’ idea: just stay up all night, sleep on the bus and the plane! Finished the night up at Diaro Roma, drinking beers and stacking them, 3 or 4 high. Got a bit of dancing in and made it back home in time for a nap before the train, which allowed for more napping.

Got to Madrid with minimal problems, though the passes were all covered with gorgeous snow. Spent Saturday shopping in Madrid and enjoying the freezing cold weather. Met up with my friend Jolene and hung in a bar until 2 a.m., which was a actually a very quiet night for us. Decided to attempt to find her house, which was way the hell out by the Palace, on the other side of the river, damn near froze to death in the process. Comfy couch.

Airline fun. Ugh, I despise my country’s airlines. Seriously, I had no problems at all. Repeat: NO PROBLEMS FLYING 5000 MILES! Watched movies and drank beer on the Scandanavian flight across the Atlantic–just barely hopped over the storm which stranded everyone in Europe. Even in O’Hare, where I had to deal with the clusterf**k of Customs and stupid security, no problems. Experienced culture shock dealing with the sounds of English and ugly American styles of dressing, ugh. Got back to Ptown about 11 pm and passed the eff out, after being up for about 24 hours straight.

Now, I’m back, no more European funness. Sigh, it was great while it lasted.

Thanksgiving and Segovia, One Week Recap

Dude, totally celebrated Accion de Gracias in Spain! We all gathered in my favorite cafe, KIN, and ate lots of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and drank SANGRIA! Carmen was all, it’s “nonalcoholic”, which I suppose was because she couldn’t technically give her 19-22 year old students alcohol for Thansgiving dinner. Ha! I love Spain. Carti, the camerero, was very confused about the nature of the food he was serving us–the stuffing really perplexed him. But I got to feed my face and hang with friends while chatting in espanol, so I’d call Spanish Thanksgiving a success.

Took a trip to Segovia this weekend, and promptly froze to death. Brrr, I dislike snow landing on my head. Anyhow, Segovia is a cute little town with a huge aqueduct and lots of old buildings–which I got to explore. Also saw St. Teresa’s 500 years old finger–eww. But onto the recap.

Got to Segovia Thursday and went out looking for fun, which was decidedly lacking for a bit. But we found a little bar (actually Mike ran into a promoter girl who dragged us there) and I got all-you-can-drink for 4 euros, which rocked! Even if it was just calimochos and San Miguel (beer). Compare that to Jesse’s tire wine or Mike and Sam’s 4 euro shitty whiskys, I think I scored.

Friday we saw cathedrals and a freaking castle! Climbed up to the roof and took pics. I also was testing the swords in the armory and making disparaging comments about their practicality. I wonder if not seeing the No Toca sign counts as innocence? Friday night was interesting, with us hanging in the hostel for a bit. Lindsay, Sarah, and I found these 3 Spanish soldiers, Alba, Luis, and I forget his name. They were chilling there on leave, and the guys were very keen on hooking up Alba and Mike, much to his embarassment/delight. (He had the fortune of seeing Alba walk out of the shower and he almost fainted, ha) We all met up at a disco, called Toys of all things. Jesse and I kicked ass on the dance floor, though the DJ should have shut his face. And then the underwear dancers came out, about 5 minutes after Sam and Mike bailed–they were cute, and proceeded to dance onstage, in their pink bras and the like. I was not impressed by the dancing moves, and was waiting for the big black bouncer to smash someone across the room.

Saturday was Avila day, aka I saw a ancient city wall, looks of old stuff, and made sarcastic comments all day because I had a headache (caffiene withdrawls and slight hangover don’t mix). But Saturday night rocked! Sadly our soldiers had moved on, but we compensated by playing Kings Cup! Hells yes, so much fun, especially when you have to snort every time you laugh, can’t touch your face, and I had a line of mates following my drinks, ha! And Keith “won” the right to drink flat beer mixed with coke and whiskey, ugh vomit. I happily drug many others out of the hostel, away from grumpy professors who would yell at their drunk asshole students. We went dancing, found the end of an indie rock concert, and I got to bed at 2 a.m.

Wake up was too early, but I made the bus, got back to Oviedo, and starting writing and homeworking. So much fun, and this fin I’m going to Italy!

Oh, my favorite part of the weekend: Prof. Nichole calling Alba a prostitute for wearing red heels and a tube dress. Dude, it’s Spain! People dress up. And if I had been wearing camo-pants for months straight, I sure as hell would dress up when I got the chance.


Weekend recap: 5 hours of boredem on the bus, we arrived in Galicia and invaded the poor lil hostal…Dang I feel for the guys working there; 25 college students in one weekend, will they ever recover? Poor Lindsay, her old conversation partner somehow ingratiated himself to the chaperons and tagged along. We all promptly spent the weekend ignoring him.

Anyhow, Friday night was fun, or so people tell me…Joking, joking. I perfectly remember beating the crap out of Jesse for his sqeaky Jorge voice that nearly gave me a heart attack (see previous comment about old spanish dude). On Saturday, people were dragged out of their hangovers onto the bus to go up into the hills of La Coruna to see a maze (it did not rival the corn maze, though apparently bees are scary Jess, ha!) and the Torre de Hercules…So much coolness. We then proceeded to raise hell on Halloween night, checking out all the bars all decked out with decorations and ending the night with a swim in the ocean. Okay, not techically a swim, more along the common lines of sneaky waves drenching my clothes so why not?

Sunday was the day the weather finally sucked. Rain, rain and more effing rain. We of course went to Santiago to see a big-ass church where mascochists have hiked for the past 500 years: dude if I wanna go on a 40 day hike, it will not be to Santiago, more like somewhere with SUNNY beaches and loads of relaxing. I admired the beauty of the ancient structure, sat through a Spanish mass wherein I understood very little cause I’ve never been to Mass in English, and then discovered my friends had all vanished and were not answering their phones. I elected to go drink coffee and avoid the rain while writing in my notebook for the next 2 hours (gotta prep for Nano). We then played in the rainy streets (my friends had been on the roof of the cathedral, fuckers…no not drunken stupidity, a tour that I’d missed, Mierda!) before getting on the bus. I wonder when my boots will dry out…

Sunday night was awesomeness; got dinner at a Spanish restaurante, got sugary goodies and tochas* later, and I went to bed at midnight, apparently missing out on…Nothing! Yay weekend.

Am now back in Oviedo, plotting more adventures and trying to figure out how the hell I’m gonna NaNo without a stable power source. Joder, I may have to break down and buy that stupid universal adaptor that doesn’t charge my laptop.

*tochas son cervezas de 1 litre, y cuesta aprox 2 euros/$3

Arriving in Oviedo

So I don´t have Internet at my house, which means rather sporadic access from now on. Let´s see, what´s been going on?

Well I spend Sunday reading and wandering, then stayed up ridiculously late chatting with my lovelies on Facebook. I blame Rae–you got on at 2:30 am when I was getting ready to sleep. Course, I probably shouldn´t have been drinking caffiene. Ridiculously, I woke up at 8 am, which is the earliest I´ve gotten up since my body acclimated to Spain Time. Oh well, it gave me a nice long day of shopping and saying godbye to Barcelona. I can´t believe I actually spent 12 days here–I love this city!

Since it was my last day of freedom and I´d actually stuck to my budget fairly well, I elected to go on a shopping spree. Of course, this mewe´re talking about. The grand total of a whol day´s shopping was less than 60. Hehe, here´s to me in my dirty shorts, tennys, wearing a bathing suit under my clothes, wandering Diagonal in front of the Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, Calvin Klein stores. The fact than an ugly trench coat cost more than my entire budge for this trip kinda scared me away.

So here´s to Spanish efficency: I made it to the bus station 15 minutes before it was scheduled to leave. The bus didn´t leave for another 75 minuts. Damn people were pissed. Lauren, I also got the number of this Ecuadoran dude named Oswaldo–lovely, because he talked to me for like 30 seconds before doing so.

The bus ride was really long, 12 hours and all that. But I had no seatmate, so I attempted to sleep for the entire time. Upon arrival, this helpful girl at the counter showed me that I was only a 10 minute walk from the AHA office. I defied the orders to take a taxi and started walkng. No problems whatsoever.

It is so incredibly weird being babysat after all this time doing whatever I want and being responsible for myself. I´m not sure how easily I´ll adapt but hopefully I won´t kill anyone out of frustration. Class doesn´t actually start till next week, which means we just have time for bonding rituals and the like, joy.

So right now I am sitting in an internet cafe, after ditching the city tour cause I was tired. Unfortunately para me, I wcouldn´t manage to get the key to work on my apartment door.

Irish Bars and Naked Bikers

Yeah, apparently Eugene isn´t the only city in the world that encourages naked biking. Saw this buck naked old guy on a bike going through downtown Barcelona. Lovely, and moreover, where does a guy wearing no pants have to go? He can´t go to the store–no place to put a wallet.

Things have been pretty low key for me this weekend. I made a yummy stirfry (dang it´s hard to find anything spicy in this country!) and then went out to an Irish bar with like 12 guys from my hostel. Andrew, your bright blue parasol will forever haunt my thoughts. So sad for them, they´re all looking for girls and can´t seem to find any in the bar. Watched Darius get slightly uncomfortable with my Irish boys´homoerotic jokes (apparently he didn´t really want to be hugged by dudes:) Did a little dancing and then headed in for the night, at about 3 am.

Woke up this morning about 10 feeling really bleh, not from my vino or cerveza, but simply due to a congested head which made my ear feel like a weight was sitting on it. I made the executive decision to go back to sleep, and was promptly woken up at 11:40 by the reception chick, informing me and my roomies that we had to either get another night or move our hungover asses out of the beds so they could be cleaned.

Got up and made food whilst hearing from Micheal the Second about how he couldn´t really remember the last night nor how he got home, but apparently he´d witnessed a car crash, and therefore had an aversion to the sigh tof ketchup. Watched some James Bond and then went wandering and listened to some music at the last day of the Merce festival. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to Micheal and Micheal as they were going north to look for work. Can´t believe how fast this trip has gone by. Tomorrow I´m taking a bus to Oviedo; my wandering will be over, least for a little while.

A Shorty

Had a nice day in the Montjuic Park, saw the entire city from the top of the castle and napped in the park.

Went out with a bunch of cool people from the hostel, like Will the drunk American boy and Jessica my Aussie amiga. It’s a great example of how small the world really is. Me and Jessica met when I first got to Barcelona, and then met again at the next hostel! Then I just ran into her in the street, which is amazingly unlikely in BCN during the night.

Saw another great concert and drank beer in the square for a long time, though we had to keep waving away the beer vendors after a time. I decided to finish off the Smirnoff, which seemed to vastly impress the American boys. Sigh, frat-boy minded guys are so predictable. Made it back before the sun came up, so I guess it was an early night by Spanish standards 🙂

Moved hostels today, to a really nice one. I mean, this one has more than one cup! And then I proceeded to sleep for most of the day, and took advantage of the free internet. Not sure what’s in the works for the next couple days, though I gotta make it to the Dali museum, and then get to Oviedo somehow from here.

Let The Chaos Begin

Last night was characterized by irritating the grumpy Pakastani receptionist  (think old guy with nothing better to do with his time than make life miserable for lazy travelers) Seriously, all we were doing was hanging out on the roof, drinking, being loud, playing music, and the Europeans were hucking cigarettes over the edge of the roof. And he got all pissed off and storms up there demanding IDs and the like. Unfortunately, he had to deal with belligerant (read: under the influence of blueberry schnapps) Irish guys… Seriously, why must I always be the diplomatic one?

Went to the Modern Art museum in Barcelona today. it was okay and there were definitely some really cool exhibits, but not anywhere near as cool as the Prado or Reina Sofia. Though I did like the giant astronauts hovering in the air.

The Merce festival started tonight, and the streets were full of explosions, confetti, tons of people, and free Istanbul concerts. Went out with the Michaels (apparently they have the same name, which is spelled like the English one, yet sounds more like Meehull) some Slovenians, and this couple fropm Macedonia. After enjoying the concert, where I got to dance to bellydancing music, we meandered down to the beach area, where someone knew a bartender=cheaper drinks at the waterfront. Didnt get back to the hostel till 6a.m. and naturally the grumpy reception dude was there–gave us all a dirty look, which just made me giggle stupidly.

Now, last night was just the first day of a giant festival in Barcelona. Ergo, I must go to all these concerts, the as well as whatever other mischief I can find. Even though its not accurate for this country, I say PURA VIDA!!!