One Picture Post II

It’s been a year since this picture was taken. Wow, time…flying…those type of cliches. But I want to tell the story behind it: about how I realized it was time to leave Munich.
AnnaSophieyyoLast summer I was living in Munich, Germany and in job/life limbo while I tried to figure out what I was doing with myself. After weeks of fruitless applications and interviews, I got a weekend away and went north to visit my friend Anne-Sophie in her university town of Marburg. We hung out, took pictures, and ate mediocre Spanish food–more details about those two days can be found here. Anna-Sophie snapped this picture right before I got on my train back to Frankfurt.

I spent that train ride feeling better than I had in a long time. See, that summer was very HARD for me, mentally, emotionally and all that. And then, on that train? It was as though all the tiredness and blehness, the depressed moods and self-doubting questions of “What the hell am I DOING?!” had been wiped away, magically, by Marburg’s fairy-tale creatures. Continue reading

Travel Diary: A Return to America

Madrid 2009, but it perfectly captures my feelings right now

I’ve officially set a new record for the time it takes to get from Europe to Oregon. Which means that the trip has taken about 18 hours instead of 24. I think. Sorry, my brain isn’t working too well right now. Probably has something to do with the whole 18-hour trip. Whatever. I made it across the planet without too many screw-ups. I call that a win. And I want to brag about it. So, I offer you all the breakdown of my travel saga: Continue reading

I’m Leaving Europe


The title says it all, doesn’t it?
After two years of living in Europe, speaking Spanish (and assorted other languages) drinking cheap beers and general chaos, I’m heading back stateside for a bit.
I just grabbed a flight out of Frankfurt for September 7th and I’ll be landing in the Pacific Northwest later that day.
What will I do there? Well, that is the next adventure isn’t it…

What I’m doing now…

Awww damn it! It’s been forever since I updated.

Okay, so for those of you who’ve noticed the changes around the Purple Backpack–that’s because I moved to Germany! Yup, Jeannette’s Euro-Adventure hasn’t ended yet.

To recap, on July 13th I left Santiago with my giant black suitcase of doom (found in a Eugene dumpster in 2011) and my neon green backpack–all my possessions in the entire world! After hopping through Portugal, I flew off to Munich! Continue reading