Korea Roadtrip 2015: Gyeongju, Temples, Grotto, Forests and MORE!

After a quiet evening at home where I packed and prepped for my trip (HAHAHA–try again, do you know me at all?), I woke up bright and early and started my Korea Roadtrip 2015 with Gyeongju! Since Gyeongju is quite close to Busan, I hopped the metro to Nopo bus stationĀ  and bought a bus ticket for only 5,000W. When I arrived, I sweated through all my clothes, located my awesome Couchsurfing host Evan and proceeded to eat my weight in Korean convenience store snacks (no, it’s not as terrible as you’d think…Korean snacks are healthier than American Crappy-Ass Treats).
Kimbap, yogurt, and pastry!
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