One Picture Post II

It’s been a year since this picture was taken. Wow, time…flying…those type of cliches. But I want to tell the story behind it: about how I realized it was time to leave Munich.
AnnaSophieyyoLast summer I was living in Munich, Germany and in job/life limbo while I tried to figure out what I was doing with myself. After weeks of fruitless applications and interviews, I got a weekend away and went north to visit my friend Anne-Sophie in her university town of Marburg. We hung out, took pictures, and ate mediocre Spanish food–more details about those two days can be found here. Anna-Sophie snapped this picture right before I got on my train back to Frankfurt.

I spent that train ride feeling better than I had in a long time. See, that summer was very HARD for me, mentally, emotionally and all that. And then, on that train? It was as though all the tiredness and blehness, the depressed moods and self-doubting questions of “What the hell am I DOING?!” had been wiped away, magically, by Marburg’s fairy-tale creatures. Continue reading

Trapped in Italy! Or, How Fixing my Mistake Cost me €200

Only I could turn what should have been a 12-hour trip into a 27-hours of sleep deprived chaos.
Wait, what? Are you confused?
Okay, it has been a while. So sorry. Between the soon-to-be-recounted adventures and my attempts to return to the responsibilities of daily life, blogging has sort of fallen by the wayside. Anyhow, I have a lot to recap, so in true Jeannette fashion I’m going to go in reverse and start at the end of my Semana Santa/Spring Break trip…
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Surviving Ryanair


Ryanair and I have a complicated relationship. Specifically, I simultaneously despise and love the cheapest airline in Europe. I love it because it enables my travel addition. See my Semana Santa plans, roundtrip airfare to Eastern(ish) Europe for 140€. However, Ryanair takes “you get what you pay for” to a whole new level. Yet for all the headaches inherent in Ryanair, if you know what you’re getting into, you can avoid needless pain and suffering, or unexpected 50€ surcharges. Because, yeah, Ryanair is staffed by sneaky jerks. Continue reading

New Year’s in Budapest

XmasEastEurope 39
After playing in the snow in Austria, I headed off to Eastern Europe right before New Year’s Eve. Specifically, I spent a day in a car to get from Munich to Budapest (roadtrip!) Budapest is cool, and also freezing cold! I do not appreciate subzero temperatures on my vacations. Luckily, the Hungarians are also big fans of mulled wine and something called palinka (more on that later). During my almost-week there, I had several adventures and saw some requisite touristy things. Like…

European Hostel Tips: How to Survive…

Okay, first of all hostels aren’t scary. Seriously people, quit giving me horrified looks when I talk about staying in a hostel. That stupid movie is not indicative of anything beyond Hollywood’s ability to gore-ify everything in the universe.

Seriously, there is nothing this cool in your hostel.
Seriously, there is nothing this cool in your hostel.

Hostels are awesome. They provide amenities that most hotels lack and are a source of great new travel buddies. And most importantly, they are CHEAP.
However, the very nature of hostels requires a special outlook. And that, my dears, can be summed up in one rule. Which is…