48 HORAS: Festival de Músicas Contemplativas

Check out my newest piece up at 48 HORAS about an awesome Santiago musicfest during Semana Santa!

“During Semana Santa the narrow cobblestoned streets of Santiago de Compostela echo with the noise from dozens of Easter processions and ringing church bells.

Procession de Esperanza

But Santiago offers more than the colorful processions and impressive pasos. The Festival de Músicas Contemplativas is a ten-day celebration that takes over Santiago’s historic churches. The concerts feature performers from all over the world and offer an assortment of music that is both sacred and spiritual to the city. The majority of the concerts are free and open to the public on a first-come-first-served basis.”

Continued at 48 HORAS…

My First Article for 48 HORAS

I’ve started writing for a brand new travel blog called 48 Horas and my first piece has just been published!
I wrote a guide to making the most of Santiago de Compostela in only 48 hours (it’s mainly food-based because yeah, eating is awesome). I drew on my experience hosting numerous couchsurfers and travelers, as well as my personal favorite things about Santiago. I’ve included an excerpt for your reading pleasure…

48 Hours in Santiago de Compostela

There is an old joke in Santiago de Compostela that makes gentle fun of the visitors that have flocked here for more than a thousand years. It features a tourist asking how to find the cathedral, and the punch line translates loosely to: “Just look up, doofus!” Visit Santiago, and you’ll understand– the ancient stone building towers over the rest of the skyline, its tall towers and intricate arches visible from just about everywhere in town.

Santiago is a medium-sized city (population 95,000) in the northwestern province of Galicia, and as one of the most holy places in Christian Europe it has attracted visitors for centuries. It is packed with classic tourist activities, as well as hidden-away dives bars and local treats. If you’ve got 48 hours to spend, you can have a great experience that mixes rich Galician cuisine, traditional tourism, and local fun. Just remember to bring an umbrella and waterproof shoes, because Santiago rain is legendary…
Read the entire article here.