English Program in Korea (EPIK)

ks-map I am currently working for the English Program in Korea (EPIK) with a placement in a public high school in Busan.

EPIK is organized by the Korean government and hires native English teachers to work in public schools. The average native English teacher works at an Elementary school, however I’ve gotten insanely lucky (emphasis on the “insane” perhaps) and am working at a high school.

EPIK has become more selective over the last few year (yay budget cuts!). In general, they require that a teacher be 1) a native English speaker from one of several specific countries 2) have a 4-year degree and 3) a major in English/Education or a TEFL certificate.

The contract is for 1 calendar year and EPIK covers its teachers’ rent, airfare, 50% of healthcare, and assorted moving costs.

The job description involves the following:

Assisting Korean teachers with their English classes, or jointly conduct English classes with Korean teachers, and/or extracurricular activities or English camps.

Conducting English conversation classes for Korean students and teachers.

Preparing teaching materials for English language education.

Demonstrating proper English pronunciation and writing for the students and teachers.

Performing any other duties your Office of Education desires.

Interested? Check out http://epik.kr/


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