I’ve been to 9 European countries over the last couple years and had adventures in most of them. Here’s a list by country.

Around Spain
Carnival in Laza
Sevilla, coming soon.
Magosto in Ourense
Medieval Girona
Back to Barcelona: Why Do I Always Drink Sangria?
Carnaval in Avilés
Madrid New Years!!
Ourense Hot Springs
Traveling for a Week: How much of Catalunya can I see?
Oviedo I love you!!

Day Trip to Venezia

Verona and Italian Lakes
Hey Italians, Milano is NOT Ugly!
Firenze and Venezia
Trip to Italia pt 2: Roma the Shithole

Almost Trapped in Portugal

A Pre-work Vacation: Portuguese Beaches
A Pre-Work Vacation: Going to Portugal
Lisboa–Always have Backup Plan and Eat Loads of Pastries
Porto, the City Named for its Wine

Another Frantic Taxi Ride to a Ryanair Airport, AHHH!
The Louvre is Full of Tourists: Paris III
All Over the Place: Paris II
“You’re French–where’s your beret?” Paris I

Christmas Markets and Mulled Wine: Germany Knows how to do Xmas
River Surfing in Munich
So. Much. Beer. Spring Break part II
Skyscrapers and more Beer: Spring Break part III

England: Are You Insane?! Going to London with 14 Teenagers

HungaryBudapest for New Year’s

Austria: Skiing in the Austrian Alps

Belgium: Chocolate, Waffles and Beer! Spring Break pt I

Three Countries in 24 Hours

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