Enter the Purple Backpack: Spain 2009

In September 2009, I decided that merely studying in a foreign, 1st world, European country wasn’t enough of an adventure for my 20-year-old self. So I bought a plane ticket that put me in Madrid 3 1/2 weeks before my classes started (and 2 weeks over my visa, but that’s another story). With my trusty purple backpack and no idea how that whole hosteling/backpacking/traveling thing worked, I jumped in with both feet!
Seriously, I had never heard of Ryanair and wasn’t sure how I was going to get Euros when I touched down. That much of a newbie.
I also had no plans when I landed in Madrid aside from a vague desire to see the Alambra in Granada.
And yet, it was the beginning of an era. Jeannette’s European adventuring had begun!
Disclaimer: I usually just threw these posts up without any editing, so don’t expect brilliance. 

Madrid: Day Uno
Madrid: Day Dos
Como se dice TGIF en Español?
Mixing Cerveza, Vino, y Jaegermeister…
Madrid Shopping!
Granada: Also, I want my Hot Sauce!
Overnight Train: Granada to Barcelona
Enter Catalunya
BCN–When Will I Actually Sleep?
Lazy Barcelona Monday
Let the Chaos Begin
A Shorty
Irish Bars and Naked Bikers

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